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Medivic Aviation Home Nursing care in Patna

Nursing Care at Home in Patna by Expert Medical Team

Medivic Aviation provides home nursing services in Patna 24*7. We provide all types of ICU care at home. From ventilator to oxygen supply management everything is ascertained by us. We have certified nurses in GNM that is General Nursing and Midwifery from top nursing schools and hospitals. The services are aimed at providing complete health care at home to reduce the hefty cost of hospitalization. There are many other benefits too as the home nursing services at rendered at eyesight hence everything is transparent. Medicine and drug administration is carried out promptly as there is no such situation like of a hospital where few nurses have to look after many patients. On-call Doctor facility is also provided at economical rates during day and night. The facility is not only cost-effective but also has lots of benefits. You don’t have to stay in the stressful environment of the hospital. It is easy to maintain Proper hygiene at home than in a health care center.

Our Home Nursing Services in Patna includes:-

Intensivist Nursing,

Drug administration & Infusions (Ryle Tube, Catheter etc),

Palliative Care,

Wound dressing,

Rehabilitation Nursing,

Bedsore care,

Chemotherapy Nursing,

Activities of daily living,

Administering oral medications,

General Nursing

Geriatric (elderly) care at home

Postoperative care at home

Palliative care at home

Cancer care at home

Vaccination at home

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