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Medivic Aviation Cardiac Ambulance Services in Patna with Advance Life Supports System

Not only in air ambulance, train ambulance but also in the ground ambulance services in Patna, Ranchi, Delhi Medivic Aviation has build its unique niche in Delhi. We are a Delhi based organization and are in this market from good amount of time. Our Ground Ambulance Service includes small and full-size vans fully air conditioned with all obligatory medication and equipments supporting life. You can make your online or offline booking of our ground ambulance services loaded with the important essentials like ventilator, multi parameter monitors, cardiac monitors, pacemakers, pulseoximeters, oxygen, defibmonitors, bipap, suction machine, nebulisers and other emergency medicines. Our valuable and advanced ground ambulance has indeed proved like a precious present for all the people who faced problem in flying and at many times found it affordable.

The Advanced Ground Ambulance Services for You in Patna, Ranchi, Delhi and all over in India

Generally the Ground ambulance services in Patna are suitable when the distance to be covered while transferring the patient from one place to another ranges between 300 – 500 kilometers. All our modern day air-conditioned ambulance vans impersonate the hi-tech Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment. With our every single ambulance atleast a single professional doctor including Critical Care consultants, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Orthopedic, Anesthesiologist, and others along with a trained nursing staff is accompanied for the special care of the patients. There is no need to wait just makes us a call to book our specialized ground ambulance. Book the Medivic Aviation professional ground ambulance services in Patna along with air & train ambulance for the safe and fast shifting of your patient from one medical center to the referred treatment centre in the country. The cost of Road ambulance is in between  15-40 Rs/KM. As per your demand We provide low cost ambulance service from Patna to Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata and anywhere with paramedic team.

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