Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata

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Air Ambulance Service is Now Available in Kolkata-Most Essential

Kolkata is historic and a capital city in the Indian state of West Bengal. Medivic Aviation air and train ambulance service provides in Kolkata provides an outstanding end-to-end patient care. It is one of the finest air ambulance providers in the country. All the air ambulances are equipped with world-class life-saving equipment. The doctors and nurses are also well qualified who have an experience of more than 5-10 years. They handle the patients with utmost care and affection.

Charter and Commercial Air Ambulance Service from Kolkata City with Specialist Doctors

Since its inception it has been giving full support to the family members of the patient and helps them with possible things. Even if the family members need any kind of VISA assistance, our staffs will help them in getting that. Whenever any member of the patient asks our staff anything, they will listen them very carefully and forward their hands to help them. They are very friendly and helpful. They treat the patient not as their customer but as a family member. This is what the people of Kolkata prefer to choose Medivic Aviation air and train ambulance service. How to transfer patient from kolkata to vellore, Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai? This is the question generally comes in mind. We will provide you service from your patient hospital to your destination hospital or residence with full ICU setup equipment and totally bed to bed service.

Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata in Emergency

Chartered Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata in Medical Emergency

You can now avail the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from Kolkata. It offers the air ambulances at such a low price that even the middle class people can easily avail the facility. Apart from the air ambulance it also has train ambulance services which are as good as the air ambulances. If a person is not very critical then train ambulance service is also a good option in transferring the patient to the destination. It is much cheaper than the air ambulance service. Transfer your patient with air ambulance Kolkata to Chennai, air ambulance Kolkata to Delhi, Air ambulance Kolkata to Mumbai, Vellore, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Patna and among all the cities in India.

You Can Avail the Medivic Aviation:

– Air ambulance services in Kolkata
– Train ambulance services
– Ground ambulance services
– Emergency air evacuation services
– 24 x 7 medical consultations




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