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Home Nursing Care

Medivic Aviation Home Nursing care in Patna

Nursing Care at Home in Patna by Expert Medical Team

Medivic Aviation provides home nursing services in Patna 24*7. We provide all types of ICU care at home. From ventilator to oxygen supply management everything is ascertained by us. We have certified nurses in GNM that is General Nursing and Midwifery from top nursing schools and hospitals. The services are aimed at providing complete health care at home to reduce the hefty cost of hospitalization. There are many other benefits too as the home nursing services at rendered at eyesight hence everything is transparent. Medicine and drug administration is carried out promptly as there is no such situation like of a hospital where few nurses have to look after many patients. On-call Doctor facility is also provided at economical rates during day and night. The facility is not only cost-effective but also has lots of benefits. You don’t have to stay in the stressful environment of the hospital. It is easy to maintain Proper hygiene at home than in a health care center.

Our Home Nursing Services in Patna includes:-

Intensivist Nursing,

Drug administration & Infusions (Ryle Tube, Catheter etc),

Palliative Care,

Wound dressing,

Rehabilitation Nursing,

Bedsore care,

Chemotherapy Nursing,

Activities of daily living,

Administering oral medications,

General Nursing

Geriatric (elderly) care at home

Postoperative care at home

Palliative care at home

Cancer care at home

Vaccination at home

Air Ambulance

There is a great importance of air ambulance on account of the many favorable features that it offers to the patients in need. No sooner the term air ambulance comes in mind the very first name that clicks the mind is none other than Medivic Aviation – a company well known for its highly valued patient transfer services. It offers low cost air ambulance affordable by even the common man in the country. The one of the most trusted ambulance service provider Medivic Aviation is among the oldest company in Delhi and is engaged in transferring the accident victims and patients from one place to another for the better medical treatments.

Now book Medivic Aviation air ambulance services worldwide

No matter how emergency is the need, we are always there to assist you. We are in the industry from years and have proven expertise in the relevant sector. We have never compromised on the quality of the services due to any reason. The people in the nation can now get their needy dear ones treated in any part of the globe. All our valued users can now book Medivic Aviation air ambulance worldwide making use of the varied modes of booking. Now there is no need to panic at all. In any kind of the medical urgency situation stay relaxed and get in touch with us. We assure you if the world-class ambulance services. We are available for you 24*7 and promise you the professional services.

Train Ambulance India

Train Ambulance ICU Facilities in Medical Emergency in India

The Medivic Aviation has been the pioneer in the train ambulance service and has been rendering the highly demanded varied types of the patient transfer services in Delhi, India. It has been noticed that there are the millions of the people visiting the most developed city in the country every month. One of the major concerns of all is the lack of the emergency remedial services. The extremely trustworthy and experienced train/Rail ambulance provider in India Medivic Aviation is now in Delhi. We are the trust of the city and have been engaged in offering the international quality facilities along with the advanced life saving emergency medical equipment. The thousands of the domestic and international tourists visiting India can now enjoy worry free visits. The family and friends of the incident casualty can very easily book our reliable train ambulance services. The charges of train ambulance starts from 40,000/- depends upon the situation of patient and where to where patient will shift.

Why people Prefer Medivic Aviation Train/Rail Ambulance Service in India?


We give you all the reasons to choose our low cost train ambulance service in India. Our wide range of the hi-tech ambulance services include the air ambulance, train ambulance, air evacuation and other support services at a unbeatable cost. We provide low price train ambulance facilities in India. At Medivic Aviation you get the benefit of 24*7 support services. For us patient is primary and the rest things are secondary. It is the highly committed services that speak and not the mere words. Our teams of experts are in the constant process of advancement and we bring to you the best and the latest in the industry. Contact us for the 100% gratification. We provide low cost rail ambulance services from all the cities in India like.

Now Shift Patient in Train Ambulance with Expert Medical Escorts from all Major Cities in India


Ground Ambulance

Medivic Aviation Cardiac Ambulance Services in Patna with Advance Life Supports System

Not only in air ambulance, train ambulance but also in the ground ambulance services in Patna, Ranchi, Delhi Medivic Aviation has build its unique niche in Delhi. We are a Delhi based organization and are in this market from good amount of time. Our Ground Ambulance Service includes small and full-size vans fully air conditioned with all obligatory medication and equipments supporting life. You can make your online or offline booking of our ground ambulance services loaded with the important essentials like ventilator, multi parameter monitors, cardiac monitors, pacemakers, pulseoximeters, oxygen, defibmonitors, bipap, suction machine, nebulisers and other emergency medicines. Our valuable and advanced ground ambulance has indeed proved like a precious present for all the people who faced problem in flying and at many times found it affordable.

The Advanced Ground Ambulance Services for You in Patna, Ranchi, Delhi and all over in India

Generally the Ground ambulance services in Patna are suitable when the distance to be covered while transferring the patient from one place to another ranges between 300 – 500 kilometers. All our modern day air-conditioned ambulance vans impersonate the hi-tech Intensive Care Unit (ICU) environment. With our every single ambulance atleast a single professional doctor including Critical Care consultants, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Orthopedic, Anesthesiologist, and others along with a trained nursing staff is accompanied for the special care of the patients. There is no need to wait just makes us a call to book our specialized ground ambulance. Book the Medivic Aviation professional ground ambulance services in Patna along with air & train ambulance for the safe and fast shifting of your patient from one medical center to the referred treatment centre in the country. The cost of Road ambulance is in between  15-40 Rs/KM. As per your demand We provide low cost ambulance service from Patna to Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata and anywhere with paramedic team.


Medivic Aviation Aeromedical Services Around the Globe

The emergency aeromedical services needs the highest level of the pilot dedication, caring & expert team members who are medically sound and above all proficient coordinators for flights. Together they can provide the well-organized, memorable, safe and comfortable aeromedical experience to the needy patients availing the particular service. We Medivic Aviation are well-known for our highly dependable and competent aeromedical services in the world.

Medivic Aviation aeromedical services include:

Medical escort in the non-emergency ambulance services
Commercial stretcher service in the selected international flights
International air ambulance from any continent

We at Medivic Aviation never compromise with the patient safety while long distance emergency medical transfer. All the necessary medicines, advanced life support, expert medical consultant and the trained staffs accompany the patient to provide relaxation to the responsible family members.To know more about our valuable and demanding aeromedical services, call us or drop an email on the published contact details.

Non Emergency Transportation

Medivic Aviation – the Delhi based company renders a specialized ambulance service to its valuable users known as ‘Non-Emergency Transportation’. This is the service type provided to the casualty are in a bit stable condition but unable to manage long distance travel in a viable flight or need to lie with medical support or oxygen.
Medivic Aviation has specialized planes equipped with both Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) facilities. All our ambulance will have an expert doctor and a nurse as special support services for the patients to be transferred from one place to another.

You can leave the question to decide whether the patient will need non-emergency transportation or emergency transportation to Medivic Aviation by just calling us. Our team of expert doctors together with the patient existing treating doctor if any will decide the type of the transportation required for the particular patient.
It will help you avail our valuable non-emergency transportation services 24×7

Corpse Transportation

Now book your corpse transportation with Medivic Aviation

Medivic Aviation brings to you the facility of affordable corpse transportation. We have good experience and have the expert team fully efficient in the task. It is the complete process of taking the dead body of the deceased from the medical centre to the crematory ground to perform the last rituals. Since we have the proven expertise in the task, we also help you complete the necessary formalities and get the required certificates from the respective authorities. We help you stay worry free so that you can concentrate your mind on the deceased patient.

We are engaged into both international and domestic corpse transportation services. We also assist you get the necessary documentation and clearances from the respective departments or authorities for the speedy and hassle free corpse transportation from one country to another. Call Medivic Aviation and transfer your corpse transportation worry to us. We assure you of the contented services.

Commercial Stretcher

Internationally Recognized Medivic Aviation Commercial Stretcher Services

The fact of the world is that not all the needy people are wealthy enough to afford the private aircraft or highly advanced ambulance services to get the patient or the victim transferred to the required medical treatment centre. The trusted ambulance service provider Medivic Aviation makes the availability of the hassle free commercial stretcher services.The commercial stretcher service is a very good and cost-effective medium of shifting your patient from one country to another and one continent to another.

Medivic Aviation has rich experience in the arrangement of commercial stretcher medical flight for the needy patient around the world. We transfer the complex task of logistic and travel coordination on our experienced shoulder to help you save from the unwanted stress involved in the commercial stretcher service. Call us now to book or inquire about Medivic Aviation Commercial Stretcher Services worldwide.